Two days of sharing experiences, strategies, insights, key developments, challenges, ambitions and discussing how together we can support members, our global communities, establish and grow further collaborations between sports, build resilience all whilst raising the profile and awareness of Handball and inspiring people everywhere to get active.

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Join people who are involved and interested in European and International Handball, wider global sports, and those who share the passion for encouraging greater participation in sport/physical activity as a way to promote greater well-being and better mental health in our communities.

Beyond Winning and Losing – collaborating for a better result brought to you by the Scottish Handball Association

The aims of this two-day conference:


Inform and enthuse our Scottish Handball Family about specific key developments and initiatives which will greatly enhance the quality and experience of our game (when safer to return to playing indoor contact sport). Also to reiterate our long-term, strategic commitment to developing our game in an inclusive manner, with emphasis on prioritising increased participation of more diverse groups in a collaborative, community-oriented manner..

Raise Profile.

Raise profile and awareness of Handball in general, and Scottish Handball in particular – so that we can attract more players and increasingly diverse people to share our passion for what is possibly one of the most consistently under-rated game in the UK

Share Knowledge.

Provide a platform for our friends in the World and European Handball communities to share knowledge and experience, and join us in exploring important challenges and opportunities to continue to enhance and grow our game in Scotland and beyond!

Build Networks.

Engage with a wider range of stakeholders and potential partners who share our vision that sport is best viewed as an integral part of education, health, and community well-being.

Conference delivered by Seler8 and supported by SBN